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September 25, 2020

Borderline Problematic #23

It’s Friday, start your weekend with something a tad bit Borderline Problematic. First up on today’s episode, why Johnny is the good guy in The Karate Kid. And why Daniel won on an illegal kick in the movie. And a discussion over what makes a good pizza. And what happens when you workout with Jenni and try to keep up with her on leg day. And possibly the worst burger you have never heard of. Jenni drops an opinion that could cause a fight, and if you are upset with these comments please send all mail to, And a discussion over opinions and how opinions can change with facts and more.

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You are not misreading; it is the return of TBK LIVE! And yes, we know you are asking what happened to episode 200? We are holding off due to COVID-19 so back to the normal grind of discussing what gets our nerd going. And this week it is the PS5 and The Xbox Series X. What do we think? Are the preorders a disaster? Plus, Brodie plays name that Charlie tune, you get to find out about a contest up and coming, plus, who is the natural predator of the Grimace? All that and more on the return of TBK Live.

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September 18, 2020

Borderline Problematic #22

Borderline Problematic is all new this week with ya girls!!! And here is a spoiler alert, Jenni is pissed off at people! Jenni ends up putting the fear of God into someone this week at the gym. And why Hobby Lobby is hated….and why the pain to shop for Halloween decorations is very real. And the bs with an ex messaging a parent. Could Brynne be a contestant on a reality tv show?  

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September 11, 2020

Borderline Problematic #21

The week is coming to end and it’s time to make it Borderline Problematic. What happens when Jenni must deal with an attention seeking asshat? And a discussion about thirst traps. Jenni meets her boyfriend’s family. Drinking, hands in toilet, douche, and a phrase that none of us have ever heard in our life, but will enter the vocab. Could Brynne end up on a future season of Hell’s Kitchen? And more!!!! Download this episode now.

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September 4, 2020

Borderline Problematic #20

Borderline Problematic is back with a brand new episode. Find out what your favorite hosts did during the landfall of Hurricane Laura. Jenni is back with a gym story that will baffle your mind. What happens when you go on a date? And even Brynne, yes, you read that right, Brynne went on a date. A saga between Jenni and jeans. And a lot more. Download now!!!

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August 21, 2020

Borderline Problematic #19

A very special episode of Borderline Problematic for your ear holes. Jenni and Brynne have a discussion with a New Jersey gym owner who is battling the governor of the state over the opening of his business during the shutdown in new Jersey. Listen to Ian’s story and share what you think about this story. Also, casual racism and homophobia is used by a couple of sports reporters and commentators and their half assed apologies.

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August 14, 2020

Borderline Problematic #18

On this week’s episode of Borderline Problematic and this week we went to a farmer’s market. Yep, we live the exciting life. And then we came across people picking their noses and ones who possibly enjoy a good Hot Carl. And more habits of disgustingness from people. What happens when someone lies to get free stuff? Find out in a really crazy story. And a lot more debauchery. So, call your favorite person, have a drink, and an enjoy a show that is Borderline Problematic.  

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A new week of the Borderline Problematic podcast is here. And the topic this week is pissed off, and to add the girls are pissed that some technical difficulties hampered this week’s episode. First up, Masks. Why the hell are people are wearing masks under their chin? Brynne talks about having a stalker on social media. Let us just say something that might be an unpopular opinion, not all babies are cute. Homeless people begging when they drive a genuinely nice car is it real or deception? What happened with the iphone 8 curving to your butt? And more. This episode lives up to the moniker.

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August 5, 2020

The Buzz 8/5/20

The Buzz is back and today we are discussing the latest with COVID 19. Why are people so opposed to wearing a mask? Of course, we discuss the Trump interview with Axios which aired on HBO and why the president may have looked his worst. The president’s opinion on TIK TOK and will the Trump flag replace the confederate flag as the new symbol of hate. All that and more on this episode.

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Borderline Problematic is back for a brand-new episode during this crazy time. And the topic for this episode is forgiveness. This episode is a wild one with the discussion of can you pick your own family? Should you wear tight jeans? And what happens when you wear socks with holes in them. And of course, Jenni’s dating life is being brought up. And more, let this episode help you escape the real world.

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