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October 23, 2020

Borderline Problematic #27

It’s Friday which means a new episode of the only podcast that can be labeled Borderline Problematic is back. Jenni touts her victory in last weeks pool episode and then Brynne and Jenni dive deep into getting that D weekend trip with her boo cakes. And how someone can’t be quiet during the nasty times and what happened when Jenni attends a certain place where they throw rolls. Brynne may have not worked out, and Jenni confronts her over it. And a possible L Word dropped. But was it towards a person or food? Find out. And learn about Brynne kicking ass in her weight loss journey. Brynne went on a date this past weekend and talks about desserts. And more. Download and enjoy this episode.  

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This is not your normal episode of TBK Live, well it is, but it is. This episode shows raw emotions from the heart about what is going on in the world today and why it is important to think about the entire picture instead of being focused on one little portion. Also, find out what movies Richard and Ashlee finally watched. One of these movies will blow your mind and make you question their geek card. (Hint, it’s not Ashlee.) Also, misheard song lyrics, Richard learns that you need to add water to condensed soup, and a weird conversation about men who will not wipe their ass for the stupidest of reasons.

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October 16, 2020

Borderline Problematic #26

It’s the weekend and it’s time for a brand-new episode of the Borderline Problematic podcast.  Jenni is preparing for a trip for the D or to the D, you will have to listen yourself. And is 75 degrees cool? And a question that will be discussed for ages, is it more intimate to give a blow job or eat someone’s ass. A great weekend conversation, you need to take part in. Plus, you can vote in our poll below. Brynne cried at a jump scare. Putting on makeup and the feeling of anxiety. And dealing with crazy people when in a relationship and not in a relationship. Brynne is on the wide world of Tinder. All this more on this weeks episode of Borderline Problematic.

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October 9, 2020

Borderline Problematic #25

On this episode of the Borderline Problematic podcast Jenni and Brynne dives into upcoming life plans and embarrassment sets in. How does one stay and a B&B and still have some adult fun? And another hurricane is headed towards the gulf. #2020isnotbadwhenyouhaveelectricity find out more about that is new hashtag. Dealing with crazy shit in life especially while in relationship and do not let social media influence what happens in a relationship. And what happens when you change angles to change the shape of the face and how that is wrong. And a conversation about inclusivity. And don’t forget to check out the show on Instagram and Twitter.

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October 2, 2020

Borderline Problematic #24

The girls of the Borderline Problematic Podcast is back with a brand new episode. This week Jenni deals with a family emergency situation, find out what happens when she has to deal with the situation. And why cast-iron skillets cook the best eggs. And a conversation over what food is good and what is food is not. The girls tried to sit down with a Nic Cage marathon and how he is the Nickelback of acting. And more.

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September 25, 2020

Borderline Problematic #23

It’s Friday, start your weekend with something a tad bit Borderline Problematic. First up on today’s episode, why Johnny is the good guy in The Karate Kid. And why Daniel won on an illegal kick in the movie. And a discussion over what makes a good pizza. And what happens when you workout with Jenni and try to keep up with her on leg day. And possibly the worst burger you have never heard of. Jenni drops an opinion that could cause a fight, and if you are upset with these comments please send all mail to, And a discussion over opinions and how opinions can change with facts and more.

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You are not misreading; it is the return of TBK LIVE! And yes, we know you are asking what happened to episode 200? We are holding off due to COVID-19 so back to the normal grind of discussing what gets our nerd going. And this week it is the PS5 and The Xbox Series X. What do we think? Are the preorders a disaster? Plus, Brodie plays name that Charlie tune, you get to find out about a contest up and coming, plus, who is the natural predator of the Grimace? All that and more on the return of TBK Live.

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September 18, 2020

Borderline Problematic #22

Borderline Problematic is all new this week with ya girls!!! And here is a spoiler alert, Jenni is pissed off at people! Jenni ends up putting the fear of God into someone this week at the gym. And why Hobby Lobby is hated….and why the pain to shop for Halloween decorations is very real. And the bs with an ex messaging a parent. Could Brynne be a contestant on a reality tv show?  

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September 11, 2020

Borderline Problematic #21

The week is coming to end and it’s time to make it Borderline Problematic. What happens when Jenni must deal with an attention seeking asshat? And a discussion about thirst traps. Jenni meets her boyfriend’s family. Drinking, hands in toilet, douche, and a phrase that none of us have ever heard in our life, but will enter the vocab. Could Brynne end up on a future season of Hell’s Kitchen? And more!!!! Download this episode now.

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September 4, 2020

Borderline Problematic #20

Borderline Problematic is back with a brand new episode. Find out what your favorite hosts did during the landfall of Hurricane Laura. Jenni is back with a gym story that will baffle your mind. What happens when you go on a date? And even Brynne, yes, you read that right, Brynne went on a date. A saga between Jenni and jeans. And a lot more. Download now!!!

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